Profits in your business

Kennedy marketing or tough business management
Greetings, dear businessmen! Today is a little unusual post. You know, I read a lot of books on business, and Dan Kennedy’s book “Tight Management” made the biggest impression on…

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How to establish a business
On the topic of how to establish a business, I already wrote in an article on how to organize your business. But since setting up a business is not the…

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Industry Analysis through 40 Questions
Analysis of the industry is not only an important step in opening your own business, but also an important tool for conducting and developing your own business. Indeed, making an…

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Common Small Business Mistakes

A couple of days ago, I began to think, and what are most often mistaken? I mean us – small entrepreneurs. What are our most common mistakes? I thought, honestly, two days. Well, at least two days later the same list of typical mistakes of small business appeared. I will share it with you. I don’t know whether you agree or not, but I see him like that.

Let’s talk about typical small business mistakes

I emphasize that I did not conduct any research and did not deal with statistics. This list of 10 typical mistakes in small business is just the fruit of my personal reasoning on this subject. Continue reading

How to make a business profitable?

We continue to talk about how to open and conduct your business at Entrepreneur-Pro. Today is a very good topic: “how to make a business profitable?”. To be honest, it seems to me that not everyone understands how a business becomes profitable. I understand that it would be arrogant of me to say that I will tell you now how to make my business profitable, and it will suddenly become super profitable. I will not tell you how to make your business specifically profitable, I will talk about where the profit comes from in principle, and a little about how to sell and promote your products. Continue reading

Factors Affecting Business Development

Greetings to all readers of the Entrepreneur-Pro business blog. Today I’ll talk about what factors that affect business development, I consider important. Moreover, I want to note that it is constantly important. That is, these are the factors that need to be maintained constantly, in any state of the business, in all situations. Otherwise, your business will simply stop or, even worse, lose its position, to say the least. So let’s get started:

factors affecting business development
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How to sell goods well – learn from Amazon

Hello, dear entrepreneur! Here at Entrepreneur-Pro it was repeatedly said that sales, along with marketing, are almost all in business. Therefore, let’s see today how good it is to sell a product by looking at how the largest seller in the world does it – We’ll not think of anything, just go along the route that this site offers its customers. I want to note that the fact that Amazon is focused on sales on the Internet does not mean that these techniques and techniques cannot be transferred offline.

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What a business potential consists of – 10 basic elements

In business, potential consists of many different elements. This is not to say that all the prospects of a newly opened (and not only) business are tied to one thing. But, nevertheless, there are elements with a more strategic and more significant significance for the development of the business and the assessment of its prospects in the future. The potential of a business, although it may contain hundreds of different business moments, basically lies, in my subjective opinion, in 10 basic elements. Today I want to talk about them. Continue reading

How to do a SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis is a very important tool for opening, planning and running a business, respectively, and the question “how to do SWOT analysis” is of particular importance in the life…


Tips for a novice leader or 15 moments of truth
In business, if not at the very beginning, then a little later, when he grows up, you will have to be a leader, one way or another. Therefore, today's post…


How to make money on tea?
In order to open your own business you need a business idea, of course. Today we’ll tell you about one interesting thing - we’ll call it “how to make money…


Brochurers. Brochure production and page binding typically take a long time. In this case, it is important to use special devices for these purposes, which will not only reduce the…