In the Enoch Club, the Enoch Club is a closed elite community for selected private companies that have a fairly substantial experience. The limit for years is from two hundred…

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How to make a business profitable?
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Common Small Business Mistakes
A couple of days ago, I began to think, and what are most often mistaken? I mean us - small entrepreneurs. What are our most common mistakes? I thought, honestly,…

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Trends for the coming decade

Look at the list of global challenges and you will understand what trends in the startup industry should be expected in the future. You will see that the most successful startups are companies that have been able to efficiently and quickly solve global problems. For example, today the world is facing a new challenge – a global pandemic, and the European Commission has already announced funding of € 164 million for startups offering a solution to the fight against the virus.

In addition, here are some ideas that the founders should pay attention to and which projects will be most promising for investors:

1. The emergence of a new cluster of startups related to the so-called green economy:

Firstly, electric cars and, in general, startups working in the field of alternative energy. Tesla is a pioneer here, but this market will truly become massive in the next decade with the development of appropriate infrastructure.
Secondly, all startups that solve the problems of climate change are the sector of logistics, transport, the prevention of harmful emissions, the fight against plastic and so on.
2. The development of artificial intelligence will become part of our everyday lives, from self-driving cars to assistant robots in almost every area of ​​life. Here the world faces a great ethical dilemma – will robots have their own “I”, will they be compassionate, understand what good and evil are, will they act within the framework of the basic ethical rules of mankind? And its solution will be the main task of the decade.

3. The development of emotional intelligence (EI) of a person. Already now, not a single negotiation and sale can do without the ability to understand one’s feelings and emotions, feelings and emotions of other people, effectively influence one’s and other’s behavior. And then these skills will become increasingly valuable, which will lead to the emergence and development of services that will contribute to their development.

4. It seems to me that new scenarios of community life will appear. For example, today we are already talking about sustainable working places, autonomous floating island communities. These are free communities outside the jurisdiction of any countries floating on the high seas. As conceived by the authors, they can help humanity solve a whole range of topical problems: the availability of medical services, the fight against hunger and poverty, the development of renewable energy, as well as a number of environmental issues.

Photo from commons.wikimedia.org
Image from commons.wikimedia.org
That is, in my opinion, everything is moving towards the emergence of new communities and the interconnections between them along with classical state models. Therefore, in the near future, startups that work in the field of urban studies, design, and a distributed economy will be in demand more than ever.

In perspective
In the past decade, Silicon Valley has been a trendsetter in the startup industry. Until now, it accounts for more than 13% of all startup transactions in the world. At the same time, new centers of knowledge and startup economics are appearing in the world. And it is obvious that the role of Silicon Valley in the next decade will change – anyone who creates the necessary conditions for the development of human talent will be able to compete outside it.

In the digital age, the demand for humanities – specialists with a philosophical education, mentality and the ability to feel the subtle linguistic and cultural nuances, will increase.

Technical skills will be left to the machines, because a person will not be able to update his technological knowledge base as quickly as artificial intelligence does. Soft skills – creativity, communication in a multicultural environment, the ability to adapt to changes, empathy – i.e. the knowledge and skills that distinguish a person from a machine will help solve complex and multidisciplinary tasks that any business faces.

In this sense, Belarus, like any other ecosystem, has potential. But it seems to me that in many ways Belarus is still catching up, much is being done not thanks, but in spite of. And all the successes that we are proud of in the startup industry were created by a small group of talented people who found the opportunity to grow “on the rocks”.

We can talk about some major breakthrough when we create the conditions so that the best brains can successfully realize themselves in Belarus. First of all, it is intellectual freedom, freedom of opinion and economic promotion of technical and humanitarian talents. This is a fundamentally new educational policy, starting with elementary school, which should encourage the development of personality. A total revision of university programs, opening a country for the best international experts, exchange of views, practices, which would allow developing a community of intellectuals, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future within Belarus.

It is an economic policy that encourages private initiative, innovation and entrepreneurship. This is a recognition by the state of the right of the entrepreneur and investor to make a mistake. \…

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