How to systematize and improve a business?
To help you organize your business, I made a small questionnaire, by answering which you can more deeply understand all business processes in your own business. Do not think that…

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Trends for the coming decade
Look at the list of global challenges and you will understand what trends in the startup industry should be expected in the future. You will see that the most successful…

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Coronavirus is considered force majeure ?! How to foresee a contract or supply breakdown
The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 officially received pandemic status, i.e. global epidemics. However, the effect for the business became obvious much earlier: companies faced with non-fulfillment of contractual obligations…

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“We fix everything said in writing”

CEO of PG Brand Reforming Company
– We made the decision to switch to temporary remote work together with Vitaliy Yatskevich, who runs our Polish office. We in Minsk are trying to work ahead of the curve, therefore we do not wait for general quarantine.

We use Bitrix to organize tasks and time, on weekends with managers we reviewed the load and shifted the deadlines forward.Remote work primarily harms operational communication, so we must take this into account. Skype is the basis of internal and external communications in PG. Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp – for the rapid exchange of comments with the client.
All comments we record in writing. If something is said by phone, it must be duplicated and certified by the other party.
Most meetings and presentations will go online, some can be postponed for two weeks, something canceled altogether or dropped presentations with extended comments. But if the meeting is to take place, it will take place.

“Canceled office rental”
CEO of a mobile application for quickly converting a paper sketch into a functional prototype Artyline
– Our employees, and their 9 people, switched to a partial visit to the office (if desired, but with my strong recommendation) from February 28. On March 11th we gathered for a general meeting, after which we parted, on Friday March 13th we canceled the rental of premises in coworking – now we are working remotely. For work, we use Telegram, Slack, Zoom, Trello. Everyone already had this experience, so we are working “to the full.”

“Employees took the equipment home for a receipt”

Director of the digital agency “Gusarov Group”
– In GUSAROV and before the coronavirus pandemic, employees had the opportunity to work from home if they were not feeling well or for other reasons. This option was rarely used, because the office for team work is still more efficient. Now we have assessed the need as extreme and important. Many get to the office by public transport or taxi, during lunch they go to a cafe or dining room.

We, with a total of 45 people, went to quarantine from March 16, while for at least 2 weeks.
On March 13, all who needed it took laptops and other office equipment home for a receipt.
Planfix, amoCRM and Telegram still remained for communication and work. A bit unusual, but no serious inconvenience. A man 3-4 came to the office. They live within walking distance and thought it was more convenient for them. Meetings with clients, partners, our courses, we moved online (with a cost reduction of more than 50%) or simply at the end of March – in advance.

“I’ll take the fish from the office aquarium home”
PR-manager of BDCenter Digital agency
– We all went to work remotely since March 16, and quite unexpectedly. Management reported this on Saturday and recommended picking up all the necessary things on the weekend, while there are almost no people in the building.

Due to the fact that the company allows days of remote work, all employees already know how to behave. In addition, our agency works mainly with foreign customers, which means online. One of the account managers is now meeting with Belarusian clients.

A little difficulty arose because the office has a lot of flowers and an aquarium, and someone needs to take care of them. We will develop a schedule for watering flowers, and I will take the fish home.

The management also sent us recommendations in the context of the coronavirus pandemic in the common channel in Slack. Among them, for example, a ban on handshakes – it is recommended to use a nod, a punch, elbows, etc .; use of a fist to touch the elevator buttons, light switches, etc .; stocking gloves for use in public places and buying zinc tablets.
“We now send job reports at the beginning and end of the week”

Director of 1C-Bitrix in Belarus
– As a leader, I began preparing the office for distance work on March 6th. During the week, we checked the readiness of the tools – the “admin panel”, accounting software, IP-telephony. And on March 15 they completely switched to удал udalenka ’for at least a week. Up to this point, employees could coordinate work from home – if they felt unwell.

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As for counterparties, effective work on online channels and IP-telephony has long been established with them. Therefore, for them, almost nothing has changed.
So far, we are not accepting original documents, but scans.
For this we use mail and our internal digital platform. Our employees also took SIP phones with them – they can now receive calls from a different IP address from home.

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