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How to become a successful entrepreneur: 30 tips
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From a dream to a business – one bank!

Do not miss your chance to get an exclusive package of banking services at a discount and take part in the largest women’s forum in Belarus.

All women are looking forward to the tender spring holiday on March 8th. Indeed, on this day they are surrounded by care and attention, warm words are spoken and, of course, they give gifts. Of course, any representative of the fair sex would like to receive on March 8 a present that would meet her personal needs. Tulips and sweets are loved by many, but is this enough, for example, for a business woman, for those who are thinking about how to improve and develop their business?

Belinvestbank, which was one of the first in the country to support women’s entrepreneurship, knows exactly what to please a lady with business acumen!

Especially for you, dear girls, the bank is launching a new promotion “Your Dream”. From February 3 to March 31, 2020, open a current account within the framework of the Successful, IP-Successful or 1 Step Business Plus packages and get a 20% discount on the monthly fee until September this year.

– To save and at the same time not to limit your opportunities, but to open new ones is what every business representative dreams of. We make this dream a reality, which is reflected in the name of our action, ”says Victoria Bayran, the head of the Center for Support and Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship of Belinvestbank OJSC. – In addition to the indicated discount, the package filling itself includes many banking privileges – a loyalty program for insurance, favorable rates for crediting personal income or as part of a salary project, bank payment cards with an individual design and more.

The gifts from Belinvestbank do not end there! The first 170 participants of the action will be invited to the largest women’s forum in Belarus Global Women Forum and will receive Gold ticket privileges.

On March 7, more than 3,000 women will gather in one hall in the framework of the forum. The headliner of the event will be Irina Khakamada, business coach, public figure, politician. She will tell you how to combine family and career and enjoy it, how not to lose your own dignity, working for a large company, and how to be effective, while remaining free and happy.

For the first time in Minsk, Svetlana Kerimova, the owner of the international network of women’s development centers Women Insight, will speak. Svetlana inspires millions of women around the world. On the forum, she will talk about female sexual energy, daily rituals and what in no case should a woman do in order not to lose sexuality. The whole truth about men and raising children will be discovered by psychologist, writer, Ukrainian TV presenter Dmitry Karpachev. Among the Belarusian speakers at the event will be the founder of the Higher Women’s School, an international trainer, Svetlana Zere, who will share her knowledge of how a woman can find her destiny.

The organizers of the forum also prepared a special surprise – a secret speaker!

In addition, an interactive panel discussion will take place within the Global Women Forum. Sharks of female business – Svetlana Siparova, owner of the Mark Formelle group of companies, Larisa Pekurova, owner of a network of women’s health clinics EVACLINIC, and Olga Tomina, a top Belarusian make-up artist, founder of ANATOMIA makeup studio and school – will share their experience on how they were able to motivate themselves, to collect team and as a result create your own modern fairy tale.

Extra bonuses!
There is never much knowledge. Therefore, all participants of the action will be able to undergo business training in the upcoming informational and educational meetings “Strategic Development of Women’s Business”, which the bank will organize together with one of the leading educational institutions of the country. This is a great opportunity not only to improve your qualifications in the field of management, strategic planning, marketing, HR, but also to establish the necessary connections, and, possibly, to implement a joint business project later.

From a dream to a business – one bank!
Recall that Belinvestbank was one of the first credit and financial institutions in the country to think about the issue of comprehensive assistance to Belarusian business women. In June 2019, the bank created a specialized Center for the Support and Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship.

The work of the Center is organized in several directions. Pre-launch support for women’s business is designed for those who are just planning to start their own business. It includes courses, educational seminars and coaching for gaining business skills. Assistance to existing business is designed for business women who want to develop their own business and bring it to a whole new level. In this area, the bank assists in obtaining financial and technical resources, organizes networking, coworking and other training events, introduces special banking products, services and services for women in business.

More information about the activities of the Center and its activities can be found in the official group of the social network Facebook and Instag

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