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Brochure production and page binding typically take a long time. In this case, it is important to use special devices for these purposes, which will not only reduce the time to complete the work, but also simplify the task.

Agent Brochures – a universal solution that will allow you to prepare and arrange paper products in accordance with established requirements.

The devices are designed directly for fastening sheets from a few pieces to several hundred, using special thermal folders with an adhesive base or springs. The latter are plastic and metal.

Such devices are used to solve various problems in the office, educational institutions, printing companies, scientific and research centers, design bureaus and even at home. The advantages of the technique are to provide:

reliable fastening of documentation;
creating a presentable type of paper;
convenience for future use of sheets.
This is especially convenient for office documents, which eliminates the breakdown of reports, presentations, while providing a neat look. With the help of such devices, holes of various shapes are made, which have the shape of a circle or rectangle. After that, putting on the block of sheets on the spring.

Features of the technique.
Such devices are used for the whole range of tasks related to binding and binding. Models of this brand have established themselves in the market from the best side due to:

good build;
compact sizes;
ensure high quality sheet joining;
ease of use.
The functionality of binders allows you to perform tasks of various nature. Agent Brochures are available in a wide range. Among the models there are various options that are used for personal and professional use. For example, in the first case, it is important to purchase the Agent B-12 modification, and in the second – Agent B-30 E.

The popularity of the company’s products is due not only to an extensive assortment. Among the advantages are also:

Resistance to wear. Almost all modifications are equipped with a metal case, due to which the duration of operation is increased.
Reinforcing perforating elements. This feature contributes to the continuous process.
Speed ​​and performance. A large number of sheets (up to 500) are used for perforation at a time, which is significantly larger compared to peers.
Extensive functionality. The user is given the opportunity to adjust the depth of the indent, if necessary, the knives are turned off. On some models, individual levers are responsible for stitching and punching.
Convenient design. In the event of a malfunction, it will not be difficult to find spare parts and consumables for such equipment.
Such an acquisition will simplify the work and speed up the implementation of tasks. With the stitchers of this brand, a solution to the problem of any complexity is possible.

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