From a dream to a business - one bank!
Do not miss your chance to get an exclusive package of banking services at a discount and take part in the largest women's forum in Belarus. All women are looking…

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How to make a marketing plan from 7 offers
Greetings to all readers of our resource about the Entrepreneur-Pro business. Today a very short article will turn out, I think. Let's talk about how to make a marketing plan…

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This company loves to hire “returnees” - learn how to work with such employees
“Returnees” or “boomerangs” are people who once worked for your company, then went to another employer, and now they want to return to the team again. About why it turns…

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How to make a business profitable?

We continue to talk about how to open and conduct your business at Entrepreneur-Pro. Today is a very good topic: “how to make a business profitable?”. To be honest, it seems to me that not everyone understands how a business becomes profitable. I understand that it would be arrogant of me to say that I will tell you now how to make my business profitable, and it will suddenly become super profitable. I will not tell you how to make your business specifically profitable, I will talk about where the profit comes from in principle, and a little about how to sell and promote your products. Continue reading

How to systematize and improve a business?

To help you organize your business, I made a small questionnaire, by answering which you can more deeply understand all business processes in your own business. Do not think that this requires any special training or resources. All you need is a head on your shoulders :-).

1. What exactly do you do in your business? How exactly is your business and / or industry structured?
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Brochure production and page binding typically take a long time. In this case, it is important to use special devices for these purposes, which will not only reduce the time to complete the work, but also simplify the task.

Agent Brochures – a universal solution that will allow you to prepare and arrange paper products in accordance with established requirements.

The devices are designed directly for fastening sheets from a few pieces to several hundred, using special thermal folders with an adhesive base or springs. The latter are plastic and metal.

Such devices are used to solve various problems in the office, educational institutions, printing companies, scientific and research centers, design bureaus and even at home. Continue reading

Gift bags. Stylish gift bags can help you effectively arrange all kinds of gifts, from ordinary souvenirs to expensive goods. Our gift bags are distinguished by our special design and…


How to stimulate employees, or about the mistakes of material incentives
The question of how to stimulate employees is one of the most important in business, no doubt. Errors in the motivation of staff in the workforce can lead to a…


Subheading KP
The subheading of the quotation should provide clarifying information about your quotation. In the case, let’s say if the heading would be too long, then we can continue the idea…